Barker's Klamath Dictionary

This site is dedicated to making Barker's Klamath Dictionary more accessible. The goal is to create a version which is electronically searchable, and which can more easily be converted to other formats. In Barker's original dictionary entries are ordered by their morphophonemic form, which makes it quite challenging to use.

Complete Dictionary as a single file

Below are the "historical" partial files.

Image files

These image files were created from page scans. The copy used to make these scans was unfortunately not very high quality. Also in order to keep the files at a reasonable size, the original scans were reduced to black/white resulting in some loss of quality.

Dictionary files (deprecated)

The following files give the dictionary in a series of parts, in case the single file is too heavy.

This first batch of files is in .pdf format.

This second batch has the files in .rtf format