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The Kobe Shoin Japan-Cambodia Project was established in 2002 to promote cultural exchange between Cambodia and Japan amongst students and to assist in educational projects amongst the poor in Cambodia. Besides bringing a young female Cambodian student to Kobe each December as the winner of the Kobe Shoin Japan-Cambodia English Essay Contest, the project also supports the Women Development Association, a Phnom Penh based NGO, in its work of improving the living condition of the poorest children. Most of these children are waste pickers, living in the streets and suffering bad health. The main objectives of the programme we support are the integration of poor children aged 3 to 5 years into pre-school, and the successful completion of primary education.

For further details, please contact Peter Mallett (peter @ shoin.ac.jp)

Activity of Distribution of School Materials to 22 WDA's target preschools Supported by Kobe Shoin Women's University from Japan in November 2007

Vannak KTO 2007

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Enjoy Fine Wines and Support Children in Cambodia
Estate Wines Japan is generously supporting our project by offering us a commission on all orders received through this link:
Estate Wines Japan
(KSJCP Drink for Cambodia!)
Fine wines delivered to your doorstep

Kobe Shoin Cambodia English Essay Contest
The contest provides an opportunity for a young Cambodian woman to  visit Japan, including homestay with Japanese students, sightseeing  in Kobe and participation in the annual University Speech Contest and  Christmas celebrations.

It is open to Cambodian women aged between 17 and 22 who have never traveled outside Cambodia.

One winner is chosen each year from an English essay contest of approximately 1000 words.

The Seventh Kobe Shoin Cambodia English Essay Contest was held this spring with the following title:

My generation's role in developing a Cambodian society fair to all

It was won by Sovan Srun, who will visit Japan in December.

Runners-up prizes of US$50 will be awarded to:
Chakriya Chinh, Sakhena Pen, Ly Y Low

Sovan Srun's winning essay

First Contest: Spring 2002
Title: My Dream for Cambodia
Winner: Sumana Bounchan
Visited Japan 7-20 December 2002

Second Contest: Spring 2003
Title:What Women Can Contribute to Cambodia's Future
Winner: Vannaksereyraksmey Var
Visited Japan 6-19 December 2003

Third Contest: Spring 2004
Title: What Is the Role of English as an International Language in the Development of Cambodia?
Winner: Chanthou Sok
Visited Japan 3-17 December 2004

Fourth Contest: Spring 2005
Title: Those who dream make a difference
Either: show how your dreams could make a difference to the future of Cambodia
Or: illustrate with examples from history of people whose dreams have positively influenced the development of Cambodia.
Winner: Souhong Tang
Visited Japan 2-17 December 2005

Fifth Contest: Spring 2006
Title: The Changing Position of Women in Cambodia
Show how the position of women in Cambodia has changed from your mother's generation and how you hope to further the opportunities for the next generation.
Winner: Khemrin Min
-Visited Japan 8-26 December 2006
Runners-up: Sereykunthea San, Ratana Suon and Yanvey Phou (Prizes of US $50 each).

Sixth Contest: Spring 2007
Title: Is there a place for educated women in Cambodian society today?
Show how your education brings both benefits and problems to you in the professional world.
Winner: Vannak Loeuk
Visited Japan 7-21 December 2007
Runners-up: Sokleap Ly, Yal Sovannora and Sophea Yan (Prizes of US$50 each)

Kobe Shoin Japan-Cambodia Project News (2013)

Kobe Shoin Japan-Cambodia Project News (2011)

Kobe Shoin Japan-Cambodia Project News (2010)

A big 'Thank You' once again to all our supporters during the past year. A successful year of fund-raising enabled us to increase our donations to educational projects in Cambodia, as well as sponsor a Cambodian delegate at an international summit and, as always, bring the winner of the Kobe Shoin Cambodia Essay Contest to Japan last December.
Our youngest supporter was 9-year-old Rosie Dyke in Fife, Scotland, who asked children coming to her party to give money to the schools in Cambodia, rather than a present to her. Students and staff at Kobe Shoin have continued to bake and sell 'Cookies for Cambodia', and the jazz band Take 5 once again donated their time and talent for our summer barbecue party. I also wish to thank the Kobe Club for allowing us to hold this party by their beautiful pool, and the Kobe Global Charity Festival, still our biggest sponsor.
Finally, thanks to the host families and students for their warm hospitality to Vannak Loeuk last December.
Fund-raising began this spring with an enjoyable event in May kindly hosted by Ingrid Keith and Paul Webb who had won a wine-tasting for 20 people donated by Wolfgang Forster of Estate Wines - IGM Ltd. All proceeds from the ticket sales to this event were donated to the project and Estate Wines added a percentage from the wine orders taken that day. Our most unusual source of funds so far also resulted from this event: the proceeds from the sale of Ingrid and Paul's bed in their sayonara sale!

WDA Project
Due to forced slum clearances and development in Phnom Penh the Women Development Association, the Cambodian NGO we support, has shifted the focus of its work to rural areas such as Prey Veng Province.
This year we donated US$1,500 to the Women Development Association to fund classes in pre-schools in Prey Veng. Our money also provided school uniforms for 171 children starting primary schools and extra tables and chairs and teaching materials for 22 different schools in the area.

Youth Summit in Siem Reap
The New York-based NGO Global Peace Initiative of Women invited me to participate in their Cambodian Young Leaders Summit 'Building a Strong Cultural, Intellectual, and Spiritual Foundation for the Future', held in Siem Reap from 15-19 November 2007.
Forty Cambodian young leaders, selected for their leadership potential, commitment and vision for Cambodia, along with international delegates from Vietnam, Taiwan, Sudan, Japan and the United States attended the summit.
The KSJCP sponsored Raksmey Var, winner of our second essay contest, as a Cambodian delegate. The winner of last year's contest, Vannak Loeuk, was also selected as a delegate and separately sponsored. Kobe Shoin Women's University funded my visit with Yuko Ota, Kobe Shoin Student Ambassador 2007.
Delegates participated in discussions on development, education, health, environment, gender, human rights and on preserving traditional Khmer culture. The youth leaders agreed that peace was still fragile in Cambodia and that they must focus on their future, while understanding their past so as not make the same mistakes.
The summit resulted in the creation of Cambodian Youth for Leadership. The mission of this body is to empower youth to participate in improving their country through education, training and capacity building and, secondly, to advocate for change through the dissemination of information.
Dena Merriam, the founder and convener of the Global Peace Initiative of Women, closed the Summit, urging us "not to wait to take action."

Field Trip to Prey Veng
Before travelling to Siem Reap for the Youth Leaders Summit, Yuko Ota, Kobe Shoin Student Ambassador 2007, and I spent some days in Phnom Penh and visited the schools we support in Prey Veng Province. Yuko writes below of her experience:
I visited Cambodia for nine days in November 2007 as a student ambassador with Mr. Mallett. Seven months have already passed since I went to Cambodia; however, I remember my experiences vividly. It was a very meaningful trip for me.
During these nine days, I visited pre-schools in the countryside, met the winner of the essay contest, attended some classes at local university, took part in Young Leader's Summit and visited Angkor Wat, a great world heritage site in Cambodia! There are so many things to talk about, but now I would like to write about visiting pre-schools, a day that I especially remember.
The day after we arrived in Cambodia, we went on a field trip to four pre-schools in the countryside. The KSJCP supports these schools through the WDA, a local NGO in Phnom Penh. On the way to the schools I saw various animals: dogs, chickens, pigs and we even had a traffic jam due to a cow procession on the road. After a two-and-a-half-hour ride on the bumpy road by car, we took a narrow path by motorbike. Finally we reached the school. The school was totally different from the one I went to in Japan. The school building is made of palm trees and its leaves. It looks very small and like a house (I think it is actually a house!). When we visited there, a lot of little children were studying their own language, Khmer. They use plastic desks and chairs. School materials like chair, desk, notebook and textbook are not sufficient; however they seem to enjoy their study.
I thought that it was natural to go to school; I have never been worried about materials. But it is not here. I hope more and more Cambodian children can go to school. I would like to help them through this project. And I hope more and more Shoin students will become interested in Cambodia and help with this project.

Vannak Loeuk in Japan
Vannak Loeuk visited Japan from 8 to 21 December. She is a 20-year-old student in her third year in the Faculty of Odonto-stomatology (Dentistry) of the University of Health Science as well as an English BA student at the Institute of Foreign Languages at the Royal University of Phnom Penh,
She enjoyed the hospitality of homestay students Naomi Ueda, Shiho Yamamoto and Yuko Ota, took part in Christmas activities and classes at Shoin - and experienced what it was like to be cold for the first time!

Seventh Essay Contest
There were 22 contestants in the 7th Kobe Shoin Cambodia Essay Contest held this spring. The title was:
My generation's role in developing a
Cambodian society fair to all.
Once again, the contest was of a very high standard and proved that Cambodia is blessed with many highly educated, highly talented and highly motivated young women who have the potential to make changes for the better for Cambodian society - if they are given the chance.

Kobe Shoin Japan-Cambodia Project News
No 5, Summer 2008

The winner, Sovan Srun, will visit Japan from 5-20 December. Runners-up were Chakriya Chinh, Sakhena Pen and Ly Y Low, who will all receive prizes of US$50.
Sovan sent this self-introduction:
I am a second year student at the Institute of Foreign Languages of the Royal University of Phnom Penh, majoring in Bachelor of Education in Teaching English as a Foreign Language (BEd. TEFL). I also plan to take another major in International Studies at the same institute in the next academic year. Beside school, I have been working as a volunteer in the Initiatives of Change Association, where I have helped in various projects such as Stationary and Food Distribution, Youth Camp, etc.
I am now living with my mum and younger brother in the suburb of Phnom Penh city. My dad died in an accident several years ago. My mother is a cloth-retailer in a local market while my brother is in his 8th grade at a high school. My main hobbies are reading books, specifically history, fictions, non-fictions. Now I am also absorbed in reading manga as well.
My future ambition is to work in any agency of the United Nations. I hope to be a community developer, working to improve the living standard of vulnerable people in Cambodia. Additionally, I would like to become an English Language lecturer at my very own university.

The Next Step
As an extension of the KSJCP, Kobe Shoin has given a grant this year for me to set up a new project, the Kobe Shoin Institute for Global Citizens, to develop our students' social awareness. Our first activity, recently held, was a Poster Presentation Contest on global issues to choose this year’s Kobe Shoin Student Ambassador. About 140 students took part in this contest, with 17 in the semi-final and 10 in the final on Sunday 20 July. Mai Nakahashi was chosen as winner for her presentation on breast cancer and will accompany me to Phnom Penh in September. She will take classes with Cambodian students at the Institute of Foreign Languages at the Royal University of Phnom Penh and go on a field trip to the WDA pre-schools we support in Prey Veng Province.
In the autumn a series of lectures will be held, open to the public (details below).

Forthcoming Events
Fund-raising events will continue in the autumn with a further bake sale at Shoin and a table at the Kobe Global Charity Festival at the Kobe Club in Kitano-cho on Sunday 19 October. The highlight of the year's activities will, of course, be the two week visit of Sovan Srun in December.
Kobe Shoin Institute for Global Citizens Lecture Series:
Wed 22 Oct, 2:40: Cambodia Now by Prof. Kanako Shinkawa, author of book on health problems in Cambodia
Wed 12 Nov, 2:40: Women's Education in Afghanistan by Keiko Nishigaki who works for the Takarazuka Afghanistan Friendship Association (TAFA)
Wed 26 Nov, 2:40: The situation in Burma by Keiko Nakao who works for Burma Relief.
(All lectures are in Japanese)

Accounts: April 2007-March 2008

Income Yen

Balance brought forward: 375,760
Interest (07) 163
Cookie sale 18,200
Donations 52,000
Kobe Club BBQ party 108,000
Global Charity Festival sales/donations 12,000
Global Charity Festival donation 100,000
Dinner concert 33,000
TOTAL: 699,123

Expenses Yen

WDA donation @US$1,500);
special donations to schools @$200;
flight ticket and insurance for Vannak @$745;
Runners up prizes @$50 x3 =$150
total: $2,595 = 320,452
TC exchange: $1 = \115.64 Commission @ 1%
Currency exchange: $1 =\117.64
Vannak’s visit 46,370
Sponsorship of Raksmey Var at Youth Leaders
Summit, Siem Reap @ $341 38,000
TOTAL: 404,822

(Detailed accounts are available on request. Please note that all money raised is used only to help Cambodians)
Further information: peter@shoin.ac.jp
Peter J Mallett
Kobe Shoin Japan-Cambodia Project co-ordinator

Peter J Mallett
peter @ shoin.ac.jp


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