Library Address
1-2-1 Shinohara Obanoyama-cho
Kobe 657-0015


Shoin Women's University Library holds over 360,000 volumes and about 3,200 journal titles. The Library has a seating capacity of 330 and has a total floor space of 3,326 square meters.
The Library Staff hopes that you will make good use of the Library, and we would appreciate it if you would take the time to read the following outline of our procedures and practices. If you have any problems in using the Library, please do not hesitate to ask us for help. It is our pleasure to serve you.
  Monday,Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday     9:00a.m.` 6:15p.m.
  Saturday                                         9:00a.m.` 5:00p.m.
2)Spring vacation
  Monday`Saturday                                 9:00a.m.` 5:00p.m.
3)Summer vacation
  Monday`Friday                      9:00a.m.` 5:00p.m.
4)Winter vacation
  Monday`Saturday                    9:00a.m.` 5:00p.m.
2)National holidays
3)August 11`August 17
4)December 25, December 27`January 5
5)When the Library is temporarily closed information will be posted.
A Library Card is necessary in order to enter the Library as well as to borrow materials from the Library.
All students, faculty members and staff of Kobe Shoin University and others with special permission may borrow non-reference materials.

Books may be borrowed for two weeks and can be renewed once unless the book is overdue or reserved by another user. No more than 8 books can be borrowed.

The Current Periodicals Reading Areas are located on the 1st floor and 2nd floor. Unbound issues of periodicals may not be borrowed.

3)Microfilms, microfiches and rare books:
Microfilms, microfiches and rare books may not be borrowed.

4) Reserve procedures:
If a book is not available on the shelves, please inquire at the Circulation Desk. A search will be made for the book. If the book is in circulation, you may reserve the book.

5) Book returns:
Materials must be returned at the Circulation Desk or Reference Desk.
Borrowers returning books late will be obliged to pay 10 yen per book for each day after the limit date.

6) Lost materials:
Lost materials must be replaced by the borrower.
If you have lost any of the materials, you have borrowed, you should consult the circulation desk.

1) Books:
The computers for finding books are placed on the 3rd floor.

2) Journals:
The current issues of approximately 500 titles are shelved in the Current Periodical Rooms on the 1st floor and 2nd floor. Unbound (not current) issues are shelved behind the Circulation Desk on the 1st floor. Bound volumes are shelved on the 3rd levels of Stack Room I and Stack Room II.

3) Microfilms, microfiches and rare books:
Microfilms, microfiches and rare books are housed in the Rare Book Room on the and 2nd floor. (In case you need them, please inquire at the Circulation Desk on the 3rd floor.)

The Library provides reference books such as bibliographies, dictionaries, statistical sources and indexes for quick access to information. Those books are non-circulating and are shelved in the Reference Corner on the 3rd floor.
We welcome requests for the acquisition of books from all members of the University community. Request forms are available at the Reference Desk.
Photocopying machines are placed in the Reference Corner on the 3rd floor. The charge for the service is 10 yen per one B/W page (50 yen per one color page). Photocopying of library books and journals may only be carried out in accordance with copyright regulations, i.e. in general only one article in a journal or part of a book may be copied and only one copy must be made for the user's study purposes.
Books and journals not available here may be acquired as photocopies or borrowed from another library. Please make your request at the Reference Desk on the 3rd floor.
AV Corner is located on the left side of the entrance on the 1st floor. The Corner has audio-visual materials such as video discs and audio discs. These materials may be used in the Corner. Audio discs and a portion of the video discs may be borrowed for 7 days, but no more than 4 materials can be borrowed.

1) You may not mark or damage any book or other materials belonging to the Library.

2) Loud talking is prohibited in all parts of the Library except (learning commons area).

3) Food and smoking are not permitted in all parts of the library.

4) Covered beverages are permitted in (learning commons area).

000 General works
010 Libraries.  Library science
020 Books.  Bibliography
030 General encyclopedias
040 General collected essays
050 Serials.  Periodicals
060 General societies.  Academies. 
    corporate bodies
070 Newspapers.  Journalism
080 Collected works.  Complete works

100 Philosophy in general
110 Special treatises on philosophy
120 Oriental thought
130 Western philosophy
140 Psychology
150 Ethics.  Morals
160 Religion
170 Shintoism
180 Buddhism
190 Christianity

200 History in general
210 Nippon
220 Asia
230 Europe
240 Africa
250 North America
260 South America
270 Oceania
280 Biography
290 Geography

300 Social sciences in general
310 Political science
320 Law
330 Economics
340 Public finance
350 Statistics
360 Sociology.  Social problems
370 Education
380 Manners and customs.  Folklore
390 National defence.  Military science

400 National science
410 Mathematics
420 Physics
430 Chemistry
440 Astronomy
450 Earth sciences.  Geology
460 Biology
470 Botany
480 Zoology
490 Medical sciences

500 Engineering.  Technology
510 Civil engineering
520 Architecture.  Building
530 Mechanical engineering
540 Electrical engineering
550 Naval engineering
560 Mining and metallurgy
570 Chemical technology
580 Manufactures
590 Domestic science

600 Industry
610 Agriculture
620 Horticulture
630 Sericulture.  Silk industry
640 Animal husbandry.  Animal industries
650 Forestry
660 Fisheries.  Marine product industries
670 Commerce
680 Transportation services
690 Communication services

700 The arts. Fine arts
710 Sculpture.  Plastic arts
720 Painting.  Pictorial arts
730 Engraving. Prints
740 Photography
750 Industrial arts.  Arts and crafts
760 Music
770 Theater.  Dramatic arts
780 Sports and physical training
790 Indoor games and amusements

800 Linguistics.  Science of language
810 Japanese
820 Chinese
830 English
840 German
850 French
860 Spanish
870 Italian
880 Russian
890 Other minor languages

900 Literature in general
910 Japanese literature
920 Chinese literature
930 English and American literature *
940 German literature
950 French literature
960 Spanish literature
970 Italian literature
980 Russian literature
990 Literatures of other languages
*  930 English (British) literature
A930 American literature